MBRF signs MoU with Dubai Judicial Institute to strengthen cooperation and accomplish strategic objectives

  • 12 Sep 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 12 September 2023- The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Dubai Judicial Institute (DJI) to enhance cooperation and achieve the strategic objectives of advancing the community through the dissemination of knowledge.

The MoU was signed between His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of the MBRF, and Her Excellency Judge Dr. Ebtessam Al Badwawi, Director General of the DJI, during a visit by a delegation from the DJI to the MBRF’s headquarters. Under the MoU, both parties seek to establish a solid collaborative framework that is beneficial for the two sides, enhance their respective knowledge programs, and advance their ambitious visions. The MoU also highlights the participation of both parties in various initiatives, events, and annual activities, including conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops, and many more. Furthermore, it outlines the exchange of various publications between the MBRF and the DJI, including books, journals, summaries, educational videos, periodicals, and other sources created by either side.

His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb emphasized the significance of this MoU. He stated: “The signing of this MoU demonstrates our shared commitment to fostering and advancing knowledge, education, and the legal system in order to benefit the country’s economy. This collaboration represents a major milestone and a significant step forward in the direction of advancing the intellectual landscape in the country. We reiterate our dedication to fostering research collaboration and forging strategic alliances with a range of institutions and authorities in Dubai. We are confident that this commitment will yield better outcomes, help us achieve our institutional goals, and carry out the national strategies aimed at creating knowledge-based communities that support entrepreneurship, innovation, research, and development.”

He added: “Our current focus is to educate and equip the UAE national workforce with the best professional training and expertise, which will allow them to keep abreast of the rapid changes in this fast-moving world as well as consolidate our country’s position as a leader in research, development, and innovation. Signing this MoU further echoes our strong conviction in the significance of educating people on the beneficial impact of knowledge as well as raising public awareness on legal and knowledge-related concerns. By holding workshops and participating in relevant conferences and seminars, we will continue to share experiences and knowledge with the Dubai Judicial Institute. This is in line with our efforts to promote institutional knowledge and legal culture, as well as support the dissemination of research, scientific, and knowledge studies.”

Al Badwawi expressed her delight in signing this MoU with the MBRF. She highlighted that the DJI consistently seeks to explore avenues to strengthen collaborations and form meaningful alliances with organizations for the exchange of local and global expertise that help in the dissemination of legal knowledge. This is consistent with the DJI’s vision of being a leading judicial institute that supports legal excellence and global competitiveness.

She commented, “We believe that our partnership with the MBRF will substantially contribute to transforming our visions and efforts into reality. This collaboration is set to assist in shaping smart knowledge, enriching legal thinking, improving publishing services, and raising the public’s awareness and comprehension of legal concepts. Our strategic alliances are rooted in the steadfast belief in the significance of the knowledge sector, especially the legal and judicial fields, in advancing social and economic development, stability, and security in society. We are committed to producing qualified human cadres who are capable of serving a significant part in shaping the future of knowledge and achieving the desired institutional transformation, in line with Dubai's global standing and the UAE as a whole. By combining the strengths and expertise of both sides, we seek to achieve long-term outcomes that adhere to the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and transparency.”

The DJI is a public institution that aims to achieve the wise leadership’s vision of developing the legal, legislative, and judicial environment in the Emirate of Dubai. The MoU holds special significance as both parties contribute to the UAE’s vision of building a knowledge economy. The MoU further emphasizes the significance of hosting a variety of activities, such as seminars, conferences, and workshops, that support institutional knowledge and legal cultures.