Knowledge Lounge

Knowledge Lounge is an initiative which targets all groups of society from various backgrounds and interests , to participate in discussions? aimed at transferring and sharing specialists’ knowledge in various fields with members of the Knowledge Lounge, in addition to organizing a number of groups to cater to different levels and categories; to participate in reading and discussing various books and connect with their authors in order to establish reading as a lifestyle.
Operating in the United Arab Emirates and other Arab countries, the initiative aims at:

1. Organizing knowledge sharing sessions with a number of specialists in various fields.
2. Organizing interactive sessions that bring the members together with book authors and human development specialists to discuss their publications, exchange views and disseminate such content to the widest possible audience.
3. Promoting the culture of reading in society in general and increasing social awareness of the importance of reading.
4. Establishing reading into as a daily practice, and transfer knowledge gained from discussions of books.

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