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Knowledge Project

Knowledge Project


The Knowledge Project is a joint initiative between the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). MBRF and UNDP had built a remarkable partnership, based on a shared vision of promoting and strengthening knowledge-based sustainable development in the Arab region and beyond.

The Knowledge Project published three regional reports about knowledge in the Arab region. This led to the development of the Arab Knowledge Index (2015 and 2016) and the Arab Reading Index (2016). This led to the development of the Global Knowledge Index in 2017, which is the only index that measures knowledge on the global level as a broad concept that is intricately related to sustainable development.

The Knowledge4All portal was launched in 2015 as a digital hub for knowledge, followed by a Mobile App in 2016.

Moreover, The Future of Knowledge Foresight Report comes to assist country leaders in preparing their citizens for the future knowledge landscape and equipping them with adequate skillsets. It aspires to encourage proactive leadership among all nations to ensure the sustainable continued re/upskilling of workforces.

MBRF and UNDP also organize a "Knowledge Week,” which comes as part of a series of workshops and seminars to promote the use of the Global Knowledge Index as an advocacy tool and to disseminate it widely in political debates. The workshops target policymakers, decision-makers, students, youth, professors, and researchers to advance dialogue and raise awareness about the importance of knowledge and knowledge-based policies to achieve sustainable development.


The Knowledge Project aims to promote knowledge societies and policies as transformational means to achieve the sustainable development. The project contributes to driving active conversation and raise awareness on the importance of knowledge and knowledge-based policies for sustainable development. 

The project encourages using the knowledge productions, namely the Global Knowledge Index, as advocacy tools, aiming to widely disseminate and embed in policy debates.

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