Digital knowledge Hub

Digital knowledge Hub


An advanced electronic platform that supports a culture of reading by showcasing an extensive collection of Arabic books, including written or translated works covering all areas of life. It also features Arabic and international periodicals, dictionaries, biographies, photographs and maps.


 Digital knowledge Hub is one of the ambitious projects that seek to enrich the volume of Arabic content online as well as promote the use of Arabic language while providing knowledge in a fast and interesting way that fits the requirements of the modern life. The library aims to reach the widest possible segment of people through its knowledge features.


The digital knowledge Hub meets the needs of all segments of people who have tendencies to read, because reading is the basis for the development of awareness, culture and knowledge in societies.

Contributions and Results

The digital knowledge Hub offers new horizons for those who love to read by expanding its services beyond traditional library borders and reaching the reader wherever they are at any time, so that it becomes accessible by large sectors of the society, providing them with a wealth of books and knowledge, all while keeping the content up-to-date.

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