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House of Poetry

House of Poetry


Bait El Shaier (House of Poetry) is located in Al Shindagah area on the banks of the famous Dubai Creek. It is one of Dubai’s most important cultural monuments and celebrates poetry activities while also hosting events, meetings and exhibitions for various other literary arts in Dubai throughout the year.

Managed by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation in collaboration with Dubai Culture, Bait El Shaier has been actively focusing on enabling poetry and poets to play a more active role in the community. This is achieved by supporting Arab and popular poetry through promotion and global communication, discovering and developing capabilities and talents of the Emirati poets, and encouraging talented people and giving them opportunities to present their poetry. Additionally, Bait El Shaier enhances the Arabic language and its sciences and enriches poetry - which is one of its pillars - and supports it through publishing poetry studies both in hard and soft copies. The House of Poetry organizes several initiatives to support poets, including the general initiative for publishing, printing and distributing young poets’ literature. The House of Poetry will also develop a plan to sponsor Emirati talents in the field of poetry as well as promote and market their poetry work.

Events Poetry Evenings


The Foundation organized many different poetry evenings to enhance the artistic value of poetry and poets, believing in the role of poetry to promote national and humanitarian feelings. It also believes in the importance of supporting poetry as a cultural heritage that’s filled with literary and artistic meanings and affirms its commitment to support poetry and poets through direct communication with the audience.


Poetry evenings are a direct link with the recipient, a way of communication that carries several important themes, including conveying the poet’s thought, response, and perspective on the current and latest events.