Arab Professionals Forum: MBRF Holds Virtual Interactive Workshops to Explore SDGs and Future Foresight

  • 16 Feb 2021
  • Dubai

The Arab Professionals Forum – an initiative by the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) and LinkedIn – has organised a series of virtual interactive workshops to explore sustainable development and its concepts, objectives, and indicators.

The Forum offers a platform that brings together Arab professionals from around the world to enhance collaboration between them and entities from various sectors, as well as to exchange expertise with local and federal government entities.

The Forum included virtual workshops on sustainability, presented by Dr Malek Al-Refai, Executive Director at Alhekmah Management Consultancies, for employees at Dubai Media Incorporated and Ajman Municipality and Planning Department. The session discussed sustainability and the principles, indicators, and objectives of sustainable development, in addition to institutional sustainability.

“The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation has set strategic objectives to develop knowledge and human capital,” said His Excellency Jamal bin Huwaireb, CEO of MBRF. “We aim to promote constructive dialogue where experts can convey their knowledge and expertise to all segments of the community, laying the foundations for strong knowledge societies. This, ultimately, is the objective of the Arab Professionals Forum initiative, which gathers prominent Arab minds in various disciplines, carefully selected to provide counsel, lead debate, and raise awareness about sustainable development in government entities across all seven emirates.”

“MBRF will be working to expand the initiative to host more workshops and Arab experts in additional sectors in order to meet the requirements of the unprecedented circumstances the world is currently going through,” H.E. added. “There are new challenges that require knowledge of diverse sectors in order to develop appropriate solutions for them, in addition to enhancing the overall cultural, social, and economic reality of the entire Arab region.”

Another session on the agenda will be the Future Foresight Workshop, taking place next week at the Ajman Municipality. Featuring Strategic Development Consultant Dr Hosam Hadri, the session explores future foresight from a scientific perspective, highlighting the factors that distinguish future foresight from strategic planning, as well as ways to determine the various elements of future foresight, and the techniques and tools used in the process.

Participants will be introduced to future foresight concepts, objectives, and skills, and they will be trained to develop scenarios that align with government directions. The workshop targets leaders and all entities in charge of planning for the future and implementing policies.

Last year’s edition of the Arab Professionals Forum included several workshops led by instructors and experts from around the Arab World, covering topics such as sustainability, happiness, future foresight, leadership, strategic planning, professional formal speeches, quality and institutional excellence, entrepreneurship and business, the international seven-star rating system for services, knowledge management, the environment, marketing and advertising, renewable energy, and project management. The workshops were attended by large numbers of participants from various entities and organisations.

The Forum welcomes membership applications from professionals with over 10 years of expertise in various fields, who hold a Master’s degree or PhD in their field of specialisation. They must be currently serving in an executive role (or its equivalent) in a major company, as a director general at a leading government department, a dean at a university faculty, or a high-ranking official at a leading research academy.

Those interested in joining the Forum can do so by visiting the following link: